About John

John is a former journalist, broadcaster, pastor and missionary. His most recent venture is Restless Heart Ministries, a hospitality and counseling ministry. He and his wife, Shannon, are starting a small retreat center in West Fork, Arkansas, that will feature cabins, walking trails, a small chapel and vegetable gardens to help broken and hurting people find rest, counsel and healing. Check out their ministry on the Restless Heart website.

John has earned a bachelor’s in communications from John Brown University and a master’s in biblical studies (focus on pastoral ministries) from Dallas Theological Seminary. As a journalist and editor, he won multiple awards in column writing and page design, and he is the author of Advent: A Daily Christmas Devotional, which can be found via Amazon Kindle and iBooks.

IMG_2383aJohn is married to the lovely Mrs. Newton and they live in the beautiful Ozark Mountains near Fayetteville, Arkansas. The Newtons love to travel to new places, especially when they can visit state and national parks. He is also a partaker of fine teas — herbal, black and green — with a special affinity for Earl Grey.

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