My Life of Adventure


Exploring the ancient ruins of an Aztec temple. Or a New Mexico pueblo. I forget which.

Adventure. Death-Defying Danger. Action. Drama. Romance. Well, not romance. Or death-defying danger. Any drama is self-manufactured. Action involves visiting the fridge. Adventure comes once upon a blue moon.

But I long for such a life!

This describes me in a nutshell. I love adventure and action and drama. Every now and then, in the pursuit of these things, I find a bit of danger. Romance? I’m ever a romantic, though it’s more of a concept than reality in my present life.

To be honest, I consider my life to be one long educational program. I love to learn. Whether or not I use that knowledge is irrelevant to me. My curiosity must by scratched. Or itched. Or something. Anyway, I’m a very curious guy. Everywhere I go I long to absorb as much about that place as I can. Every town. Every job. Every historical site. Will I ever return? Maybe. Maybe not. But I leave with a greater appreciation and understanding for where I’ve been and what I’ve done. I consider my life enriched.

I’m a man of great dreams and great heartbreak who always longs to be somewhere other than here yet finds himself stuck in one place for a long time. My dreams drive my spirit and defeat it at the same time. I once went to Scotland. Been trying to go back ever since. That was 14 years ago. Been to Canada. Been trying to go back ever since. That was eight years ago. Been to Colorado. Been trying to go back ever since. That was last summer. There are lots of places I long to go, some of which I’ve never seen. But I’ve found that dreams stay dreams whenever reality sets in. The daily grind slowly wears a soul down.

I hope you can see a little bit into my heart and my personality. I have many passions. I love acting and reading dramatic scripts and playing my guitar and writing songs. I fancy myself a chef. Make that an Iron Chef. I even grow fresh herbs by my windowsill. I take photographs of the most mundane things in hopes they will turn into frames of treasure. I was on radio. Showed up on television. I played a concert once. I’ve written more songs than I can keep track of and wrote two full-length albums. Neither got off the ground.

Did I mention that I procrastinate? Oh yeah. Big-time.

Anyway, enjoy my blog and keep coming back if you wish. I love to write. Every now and then when I have something to say I’ll sit down to write.

—  John “Danger” Newton

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