Of Silence, Peace and Restless Hearts: A Blog From Iona

Our society is filled with noise and busyness. Even out in the American countryside, there is noise. Air conditioners, cars, weed eaters, airplanes outside… even inside our homes there is constant noise. Ever heard a refrigerator or ceiling fan? A dishwasher? An air conditioner? If you say, “No,” then you’ve probably become accustomed to having your ears filled with noise.

Jesus, Be the Center

When Jesus is at the center of your life — at the center of your thoughts, at the focus of your attitudes and actions — life is great isn't it? But it is very hard to keep your focus on Him when the worries and anxieties of life overwhelm you. When the storm blows waves higher than your waist and you're walking on water it is amazingly tough to focus on the One calling you towards Him above the waterline. Life always seems to have a way to interrupt the holiest of moments, doesn't it?