The Colors of Spring

My irises have started blooming in shades of purple and white, a sure sign for me that spring is here. Forget the fact that it’s 84 degrees on March 25th and I’m sweating in my skimpies. When the irises come out, it’s spring. I’ve been blessed to have irises at each of my rental homes the past six years, adding color and reminding me of days of my youth when my mother would plant irises in our front yard and nurture them with diligence. Come to think of it, I’ve been surrounded by irises all my life. We even had irises on our mugs and drinking glasses. The irises that are in bloom now will soon give way to their yellow and lavender sisters, changing like the seasons. Irises only bloom once a year — always in March — and by mid-April they are done. Once an iris blooms, it will stay unfurled for no more than two days before wilting away. But while they’re showing off… magnificent. Spring colors always seem to add life to things. Here’s a slide show of some of my favorite photos from the past few years. I don’t take as many floral photos as I probably should but every now and then a flower talks to me (it’s not what you’re thinking) and asks me to take its picture (okay, maybe it is).