The Passing of Time

Gee, has it been this long without a post? Really? Seriously? I just clicked on my blog today and noticed the royal wedding was my last literary offering. Sorry! Here’s what happened the past 10 days… umm…. well…. ummm…. just a sec…. ummm… thinking here…. well…. not much. Working hard, playing safe, and walking straight. Or something like that. Actually, I took another road trip late last week to the mountains, this time the Ouachita Mountains in southeast Oklahoma. I love mountains. I love the peace that comes with escaping the city rat race and camping under the stars, only to wake to a majestic sunrise over those mounts. Friday night I witnessed an amazing sunset over Winding Stair Mountain, a peak of 2,500 feet. The next morning came a beautiful sunrise.

Camping is in my blood. My dad ran a wilderness camping ministry for 18 years, with which he took troubled youths and church groups on camping and backpacking trips to Oklahoma, New Mexico and Colorado. I’ve only recently started to get interested in the outdoors, camping as frequently as I can for rest, exercise and spiritual renewal. Oh yeah, camping is spiritual. I have never been closer to God than when I’m outside of the city, basking in the declaration of His invisible attributes on display in creation. It is so true that heaven and earth declare God’s glory. Last week I drove about 750 miles round trip in 48 hours just to get to one of the closest mountain ranges. I wanted to connect with my Creator during a time of personal decision and I needed to get away to do so.

I’ve also been going away to work on my photography and video skills. I have many hobbies, the most prolific of which involve cameras. Lately I’ve been experimenting with time lapse photography, a neat effect that speeds up time, condensing, say, 30 minutes into 30 seconds. Friday evening I decided to set up an old camcorder with my laptop and record my campsite creation. I travel with two tents, a main dome tent and a utility tent. I don’t “rough it” usually but carry a few comforts with me like a folding chair, air mattress and camp stove. Oh, and thanks to some recent ingenuity, my utility tent now has a pressurized shower (cold water only). Oh yeah. Luxury. Here’s my “mission possible.”

What’s my next destination? I have a few places in mind. We’ll see. My goal is to camp every other week in someplace that has scenery before the weather gets repressively hot.