Signs of Summer

Well, so long spring, summer’s here. Again. It unofficially arrived in North Texas last Friday when the temperature peaked at 90-something and the humidity spiked to 80-something. Whenever the two hit those marks, the misery level hits kazillion. Another sure sign that summer has arrived was spotted by yours truly in Wal-Mart yesterday: College kids. Tons and tons of them. Every aisle. Wearing t-shirts that read “Yale,” “A&M” or “OU.” Yale? Yeah, Yale. She was shopping in the pasta section but not looking at the same Ramen noodles I was browsing. Yes, folks, college kids have returned to their nests — older, wiser, and completely responsible. Or something like that. I’ll never forget the first time I came home from college. It was fall break, 1995, and I was now a big-shot broadcaster, having spent seven full weeks as a beginning radio student. I flew home from Tulsa, a necessity since I didn’t have a car (nor know anyone from home) and went to school two states away. So I boarded a Southwest jet and rode the 40-minute route home. Walking down the skyway I felt really awesome. I was a college kid now — nigh, not a kid but a man. A college man. And I was way mature. And older. And wiser. And completely responsible. A whole seven weeks. That’s, like, an eternity in teen years. So I relate to those college kids, albeit from the perspective of someone 16 years older, wiser and completely responsible. Ah, yes, time flies, eh?

Summer’s here. Let the standing sweat appear.