Stopping on the Journey

Went to Dollar Tree tonight. It’s located about seven miles from my house — a fairly straight route. A very straight route. Along that seven mile path lie 16 stoplights. Yes, I said 16 stoplights. That’s a ratio of more than two stoplights per mile. Factor in that the first three miles have no stoplight and… yes, friends, that makes the ratio four stoplights per mile or one stoplight every 1300 feet. Got it? That’s the price I pay for living in suburbia. With 65,000 people in Flower Mound proper and 165,000 people in neighboring cities, there are a LOT of cars on over-taxed roads and the stoplights are probably a good thing. They kill gas mileage, though. I left my house at 8:36pm. I arrived at Dollar Tree at 8:56pm. That’s 20 minutes for seven miles — an average speed of… shoot, I don’t have enough toes. But it’s slow, I promise. Dollar Tree closes at 9pm. I managed to make 5 of 16 stoplights on the way there. The first six in a row were red. That’s a green light percentage of… again, too few toes. (Just checked my calculator. It’s .312) The way back was much better. I was 11 for 16 on the way back (.687).

What am I trying to say? I guess I’m a bit tired of having to stop every thousand feet. While this extra time alone in my car can be beneficial to my prayer life… or my radio listening life… it’s also frustrating when I’m trying to get somewhere. There are many spiritual parallels to this frustration, to stopping, to journeys, etc. but I’ll leave those to some other work of writ. For now I’ll enjoy my Dollar Tree treasures and my stoplight-free living room.