From the Headlines…

Every day I scan the day’s top stories to see what going on in the world, locally, in entertainment and, of course, the sports world. It’s a daily habit I picked up as a journalist years ago. Today I noticed these headlines:

  • “Uncontacted Tribe Found in Remote Corner of Amazon” — It appears that researchers have found an unknown small village near the Peru-Brazil border after spotting thatched roofs on a satellite image. Apparently, most of the world’s “uncontacted” peoples have been discovered in this remote area of Brazil. The fact that this discovery makes headlines today is testament to how the times have changed. Just 60 years ago, thousands of people groups were living in the shadows of the earth, living without the knowledge of “civilized” mankind. Remember the Waorani tribe in Ecuador? They were the newly discovered tribe missionaries Jim Elliott, Nate Saint and others were trying to reach during the 1950s. Now it seems that most people groups, tiny and large, have been documented and contacted by “civilized” man. We know our planet. And the last barriers to reaching the world with the Gospel are being removed. There’s still a lot of work to be done and languages to record and translate. But the unknowns are few and far between. Isn’t that neat?
  • “Dating Tips I Learned from Being a Waitress” — This article caught my eye because I had never thought before of waiters and waitresses as being ideal social observers. Just think of what they’ve witnessed day in and night out. This waitress, Lauren, made some good observations about relationships after serving couples. For example, she places a premium on listening and asking questions. It’s not cool to just yak and yak and yak on a date. What a novel concept! (There’s a verse in James 1 that applies here but I’m not gonna bore ya). Other good advice includes being nice to the waitstaff (of course it helps!). Actually, it makes a big impression on your date and shows depth to your personality. She has also observed a lot of bad things, such as an over reliance on cell phones. Some people are addicted to those things and have their phone on — and are checking text and email messages — even while on a date. Bad move.
  • “Sitting for Hours Can Shave Years Off Life” — Yikes! The bottom line of this article (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun) is that, according to the American Medical Association, not even exercising can undo the damage done by siting for six hours or more each day in a sedentary job. Folks who sit for that long are (40-percent in women and 20-percent in men) more likely to develop a variety of ailments, from complications from obesity to colon cancer. They also seem to die earlier. One doctor writes: “Sitting is not bad for you in moderation, but in excess it is addictive and harmful. Of concern is that for most people in the developed world, chair-living is the norm.”  So the bottom line is to get up often and exercise a little while you work, and then lead a more active lifestyle away from your job. This is a challenge for me, personally, but as I get older, I’m more determined to stand longer and take the stairs versus the elevator at work. I hope it’s working.

— John