Day Three: A Set-Up

Well, on every trip I have one of these — a wasted day. No, not wasted as far as activity is concerned but instead wasted in terms of emotions and brain cells. Quite frankly, neither was well used today. I’ll explain.

The day started bright and early at Pueblo Lake State Park — 4:50am early. You see, I have this thing about sunrises and sunsets. At home I never wake to see the sunrise. For some strange reason, the sun bursting skyward over Dallas doesn’t seem to rock my boat. But sunrise over s mountain, Mesa or crystal clear lake? Gotta see it. Even more, gotta capture it on film. This morning I decided to play with a new time-lapse remote I bought a few months back. So I set up my camera at 5 am and shot the sunrise through 6:30. I never slept again. So the fatigue made today a bit raw on the emotions.

Then there was the next campground — again! I researched this place online and got favorable reviews from state park employees the previous two campgrounds but — and I will stress this over again — you just don’t know a place until you experience it in person. No amount of research will validate a decision. The state park was beautiful and — packed. To the gills. And not as close to Cripple Creek as I had hoped. Oh, as the bird flies it was only 5 miles. But 5 miles in the mountains can be 30 minutes. Downhill. And so this was.

Bottom line is that I decided to find another campground, a move I’ve pulled a number of times before. Usually frustration is met with anger, anger with doubt, doubt with suffering. And a frantic search to find another campground before the sun sets. Thankfully, I knew that there were three state parks near each other so I tried No. 2. And it’s spectacular. I’ll tell or show you it tomorrow.

Anyway, today I drove a hundred miles up and down hills, visited Royal Gorge, shielded my wallet (see pic below for the reason), went down a few roads with interesting names and now I’m here: (see photo below) Lake George Pizzaria. The only restaurant for 40 miles. I have a small meat lovers calzone on the way. I ordered it 30 minutes ago. Oh well. What’s wrong with a little patience after a long day? I’m thankful for God’s provision for me. He keeps making the impossible reality. And these mountains are amazing!

Tomorrow I’ll explore Cripple Creek and Victor. There’s a gold mine by the name of Molly I feel the need to visit tomorrow. Sound like a tease? Google Cripple Creek, gold mine, and Molly and you’ll have a better idea of what I’m up to.

— John