A Buena Vista

“Morning Has Broken” is playing on the sound system as I sit down to eat breakfast at a bistro in Buena Vista. It’s a unique off the wall establishment that reflects a modern hippy vibe that is popular in my generation. Indeed, this place, Mothers and Daughters Bistro and Bar, seems to be run by a young couple and friends. Everything is organic. Folk music is on the player. The service reflects the laid-back lifestyle of the mountains. I ordered the “mother’s garbage plate,” and a photo is below. It’s pretty good. And yet somehow seems healthy. Maybe it’s that organic thing. Oh, also the ginger peach tea I received when I asked for iced tea. It’s actually really good, surpassing my expectations. Ginger just seems to fit with hippy. Modern hippy, that is.

One of the great things about this place is it’s casual style. I can tell the owners wanted to provide a place for community to take place based on the stack of games on the stairs. I can see people picking up Pictionary and sitting at a table with friends one evening to yuck it up. It’s an old building in downtown Buena Vista, adding to the vibe.

Anyway… This trip I’ve decided to sample the local cuisine everywhere I visit. The last long trip of mine included fast food and camp food but no local interaction. This trip has been different. I like different.

Yesterday I scrambled around Cripple Creek and Victor, went 1,000 feet down a mine shaft (and survived) and came close to exploring an abandoned mine but the rain came down and washed my plans away. Oh, and there was the lightning… Seems to be a lot of it here in the mountains. I once again stayed at Eleven Mile State Park, saving energy by not tearing down my camp and moving. I regretted not staying an extra day at several places in New Mexico last year. Eleven Mile is like the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge on steroids. It’s a remarkably beautiful place. With 14,000-foot mountains in the distance. Oh yeah. I took several time-lapse videos to show you when u get a good wi-fi connection for my laptop.

Today I’m exploring St. Elmo ghost town and heading towards the Wet Mountain Valley.

And now the camera phone pics.