Of Sorrow & Silliness

There have been a sea of thoughts welling in my head today. Just one of those kind of days. Mondays are strange times. The work week begins but there isn’t a lot of stress. Not yet. The office crew usually meets but little is decided. Sunday’s mistakes become Monday’s observations. And I promise to do better. Oh, and everyone leaves early and I have to lock up the church. After all… it’s Monday! Yet today wasn’t normal. Sure all those things happened but…

A tragedy struck our community about 10 days ago and I just found out about it today. A colleague from another church passed away very suddenly, leaving his staff, family and friends in shock. I didn’t know him but news of his death has left me a bit shelled today. He was an IT staffer at his church. Single man. Early 30’s. Very sad. I’m a single man. Leaving my early 30’s. And I work at a big church in a related job field. I don’t know the circumstances of this young man’s life or what led to his death. I don’t deserve to know. I don’t want to know. I just pray for his family and friends. Things seem so unfair any time a young person passes away. A lot of questions come to the surface and the temptation is to try and answer them. But now’s not the time. This is the hardest part (of many hard parts). Raw grieving. And I pray that here is where the Body of Christ once again steps up to hug and comfort the family.

Again, I didn’t know this person but the news still has me spinning. I thought for a while today about my own life and job. As a technology guy and a single guy on church staff, it really hits home.


On a completely unrelated note, I made my weekly trip to the United Nations today (Wal-Mart for those new to my blog) and the signs are everywhere that summer is about to end. The biggest sign tonight came in the form of handholds, arms around the waist and tears. Yes, folks, college kids have to go back to school this week and summer romances are coming to an end. Let the clinging begin! I saw SO many young couples at Wal-Mart and it was obvious that so many of them were hanging on for dear life. I never had a college summer romance. I was usually busy with internships and working. I got to do some cool things, too, like work at the Ballpark, cover press conferences, announce professional baseball, and host a morning show. But no hand holding was involved. Honest.


Sometimes athletes and celebrities are asked what they would do for a living if they weren’t famous. I’m not in their category but I often think of other professions that I’d like to try for a season of life. For the past 12 years I’ve made a living sitting in a desk chair with one hand on a mouse and the other on a keyboard. But honestly, I just want to be a farmer sometimes. Up and down with the sun, driving a tractor, and making sure the sprinklers all work. But one thing is keeping me from living my dream. I seem to have trouble keeping plants alive. Honestly, I think my lemon tree is living just to spite me. I thought I had killed it this spring until one day it rose like a phoenix out of the ashes and is now sprouting new branches and leaves. Just the other day I was watering it and thought I heard a little snicker….