Engage, Days 1&2

John here. Well, it’s the end of the second day of Engage: LA and i’m finally taking a few minutes to write. It has been a remarkably busy, yet wonderful, two days. We’re staying in a condo in Venice Beach, about __ miles east of LA proper (I don’t know how far). It’s about three blocks from the Venice Beach pier, a concrete extension into the Pacific that I’ve walked twice so far. The group of staff candidates is awesome. A real blend of different backgrounds and experiences with a common love of the Lord. There’s no one here from the same background as myself, which is actually quite cool.

Yesterday I killed four hours riding the LA rail transit system to Long Beach and back. It only cost $5 for a day pass, so I decided to lug my bags down the green and blue lines. I met one guy at the airport and then we got a CA ride to Venice Beach. The six-candidate crew (plus CA staffers) arrived at the condo and just chilled during the evening, getting to know each other and walking around the beachfront. This morning we learned about Christian Associates’ mission and about how they define missional living. It was a lot of drinking out of a fire hose. It’ll take time to digest. This afternoon we did a field exercise in a section of Culver City, walking the neighborhoods and making observations. It was a good walk and enjoyable time. I took a few pics from the walk that were interesting. This evening we’re chilling in front of the TV.

No sign of reality TV cameras yet. But if they were there, there’s gonna be one heck of a great show some day! We’re a riot. Seems every group I hang with these days turns into a riot. A good riot, that is! Lots of fun. We’re a good group.

Tomorrow we will continue to unpack what we learned about missional-incarnational living and get into some of our personality assessments (I think). Here are a few iPhone pictures: