That Friday Afternoon Feeling


Scattershooting while watching the clouds go by on a blustery day in Texas. It’s cloudy, cold and windy here today. Add a little rain and a Scot might feel right at home. But this is North Texas and not Scotland. Texas weather changes on a dime. This morning it was brightly sunny. As the light flooded my bedroom through the curtains I felt a bit chipper and energized. Alas, though, now it is but melancholy and meditation.

This has been a strange week for me, a real week of ups and downs. I’ve been busy every day with church work and every night working to establish a new internet video sales business. I’ve had a number of thoughts and observations but no time and energy to spend on developing those ideas here on Growing Young. It’s just been one of those weeks.

On the missions front, things are progressing slowly here at the start. My main efforts involve making personal connections with people to let them know my heart and why I’m heading to Scotland. A lot of wonderful people have expressed interest in supporting me, financially, while others have offered prayer and blessings. It’s very humbling to receive support that you didn’t earn through the work of your hands. I’ve been told that people want to invest in ME as a person and my heart for ministry. It’s not about what I do for them. Still, as a working man, it will be a totally different experience than my norm.

The light is fading now. As the sun goes down the clouds become increasingly sinister, a foreshadow of the reality of night. Darkness has a way of sneaking up on a soul when it’s not really paying attention, you know! Sneaky that night. Sneaky. I’ve been thinking a lot about the interplay between light and dark lately and all the many truths that can be drawn from their interaction. As Christmas draws nearer, I expect the impact of light and dark to grow as well. Jesus was pure light coming into the darkness, rendering the darkness powerless. He came not only to expose the darkness of sin in men’s hearts but also to give light to those very same hearts. The Holy Spirit establishes this light.

Light and dark. Gray clouds and cold wind. Ups and downs. Tis life this side of heaven, eh? Praise to our God for giving us all that we need to navigate these waters! May He be your refuge. I know He’s mine.

— John