Thoughts on 35

Time to blow the trumpet once again, folks! Yours truly has turned 35. And once again I find my feelings quite conflicted.

  • Just realized when I was taking my morning shower that 35 is halfway to 70. Had to laugh. Then cry…. (not!)
  • Ever wonder how you get so old? I never thought I’d be 35. When growing up I imagined myself at 13 (teenager), 16 (drive), 18 (college), 21 (not gonna say), 25 (fully adult) and 30 (grown up with family). Thirty-five? Not even a consideration. Kinda snuck up on me, really.
  • What are these strange aches in my body? I didn’t do anything physical! They just seem to come and go these days…
  • What are these gray hairs I keep snipping out of my beard? Now I’m afraid to grow a mustache. My hairline keeps receding and that I can handle. But gray? Feels weird. My folks don’t believe me but that’s only because I prevent them from seeing my whiskers of wisdom.
  • When does a “young man” cease to be a “young man” and just become a “man”? For that matter, when does a “man” become an “old man”? Deep things to ponder…
  • You know you’re getting older when:
    — Music gets louder (turn it down!)
    — Kids drive faster (slow down!)
    — Technology confuses easier (confound!)
  • The next milestone will be 40. Over the hill. All washed up. Woe is me.
  • Seriously, I’m thankful for the 35 years the Lord has given me and pray for future years I’ve yet to see. May they be filled with faith, hope and love — especially love.

— John




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  1. Happy Birthday, John! We are very grateful for your 35 years and are looking forward to celebrating many more years of life with you. As your name reveals, you have been God’s gracious gift to us.

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