Cinnamon & Sage

Ahhh… September. Can’t you just feel the cool autumn breeze? No? Oh, well, it’s coming soon. I promise. Depending on where you reside in this world, it may be gently slapping you in the face right now as you read this on your smartphone or tablet. Or it may be months away. If you live in the Sahara, it never comes. Sorry. Here in Texas, autumn starts in October. Most times. By the third week, the highs are in the early 80s (that’s 28C for my Scottish friends) and the lows are scraping 60. Until then, it’s still summer, autumnal equinox be… ahem… condemned.

Ahhh… September. When cinnamon and sage are released from their paraffin prison by the bright light of a single flame. When straw men are hung on display in the strangest of places that make even the crows chuckle. When apple pies sit on window sills and hay bales provide cushioned comfort for children hitching a trailer ride.

Ahhh… September. When air conditioners finally surrender. They persevered until they could endure no longer. Here in Texas, September is really August II, except for the football games and Labor Day. Temps can top 100 (38C for Scots) right through the end of the month. Usually we get rain towards the end of September but it’s still that warm, sticky rain. Refreshing, it is not.

Ahhh… September. The last one we’ll ever have, if you trust the Mayans. We’ll all fly off the surface of the planet on December 21st. Or self-combust. One of these things. Hieroglyphs are hard to read. I’ll be 36 then. Yay.

Welcome to this year, September. Now bring me some of that cool autumn breeze.