Written Works

I have always been a writer. My mother, in a nostalgic mood, once went through the schoolwork of her three children and compiled our creative writings into scrapbooks. My oldest sister is an university English professor with a 200-page dissertation to her name but my scrapbook is twice the size of hers. But I hated English. With a passion. What I DID like was the fun of dreaming new things, creating new characters and sending them on crazy adventures. Many times the hero of the story was myself (narcissism check…), so I guess I saw creative writing as an outlet into a life I would probably never lead. Like one life that saw me become a star NBA basketball player for the Dallas Mavericks. Sadly I topped out at 5-foot-8 (when standing on three dictionaries!). Another adventure had my best friend and me solving crimes Ala the Hardy Boys.

Well, long story short, I love to write. In college I decided to minor in journalism, a decision that would land me my first and second post-college jobs. Back in school I never planned to write for a living (I hated English, remember?). I just wanted to strengthen my ability to be a radio and TV broadcaster, especially when it came to delivering the news. Well, 15 years post-college and I’m still writing, mostly in the form of blogging. I also have freelanced for several “copy service” companies that sell your writings to people needing filler for their websites. I received no credit but at least I was paid, which is good for a starving artist. A few years back I taught creative writing during summer arts classes at my church, which was a thrill. I put a lot of thought into the “nuts and bolts” of writing, the creative process, and the diversity of the art of writing.

I have divided my writings into four general categories:

  1. Journalism
  2. Column & Editorial
  3. Spiritual & Art
  4. Poems & Lyrics


From The Gainesville Daily Register Newspaper, 1999-2001

North Central Wins World Series Title After Dramatic Comeback  Published 6-2-2001

Local Racer Poised to Join Indy Car Circuit   Published 10-25-2000


From the Grapevine Sun Newspaper, 2001-2003

Back in Time: Grapevine Shops Bring Ancient Art Into the Present_Published 2-14-2003

‘A Labor of Love’ Episcopal Priest’s Musical Dream on Display in Southlake Church_Published 4-7-2002

Civil War Reenactors Set Up Camp Outside Grapevine Landmark_Published 3-21-2003

St. Francis Ministry Dedicates New Building_ Published in 2003

Column & Editorial

From the Grapevine Sun Newspaper, 2001-2003

Living in the World of Make-Believe — Have kids lost the ability to pretend?

What! Me Worry? — A lesson from Charlie Brown.

Writing Around the Block — What is a writer to do when you’re out of ideas?

My Million-Dollar Home — Do ornate palaces really make people happy?

Far From Home — What is “home” and why is it important?


Spiritual & Art

Mystery, Imagination & the Well of the Dead — There is little like a good mystery to get the creative juices flowing. This is an exploration of the Western mindset to solve riddles and how that sometimes kills the creative process.


Poems & Lyrics

October Breeze

The Ballad of Saint Nick

Shepherd of Love

 Jesus at Walgreen’s


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