Snowed-In… Day Four

My car. If I parked by the street.

When the NFL decided to award North Texas the Super Bowl three years ago, folks around here will so excited that they’ve been talking about it ever since. After all, Dallas-Fort Worth usually has pretty nice weather in the winter, save for the odd ice storm. But ice storms are few and far between here in Texas. Usually the highs are in the 60s and lows in the 40s. It’s downright tropical! So why not bring a Super Bowl here, with its pomp and circumstance and estimated 500 million dollar boost to the DFW economy?

The NFL is here.

Green Bay came with it.

On Tuesday morning we received about two inches of ice and sleet, topped with a half inch of snow. The ice and sleet compacted into straight ice and didn’t melt, causing massive problems for folks around here. School was closed for four consecutive days, what must be a record for North Texas. I’ve missed days of work. Overnight last night, a few inches of snow fell on top of the ice. All my progress in clearing my front porch and path to my car were undone. It’ll get above freezing sometime…. tomorrow afternoon.

It’s been extremely strange to be snowed-in this week. Very quiet. No phones, no noise coming from the street outside, nothing. My sleep cycle is WAY off. Things are just weird. I’m, in many ways, under snow house arrest. Or so it feels. My house has about 500 usable square feet. That’s a 10-by-50 room. For four straight days.

I love seeing the snow fall and, if I was in Colorado or the Appalachians, I’d be enamored by this frozen landscape. Of course, I’d expect snow in those climates and be prepared with a ton of firewood and snow chains on my tires. Maybe one day I’ll get to experience such a thing.

But not this week. Stay safe and, as my pastor often says, “Be warm and filled!”