Snow on the Edge

“Snow on the Edge”

One could take that title several ways:

1. It refers to the edge of a patch of snow

2. It refers to that period of time right before a snowfall

3. It refers to snow under great stress (“don’t jump!”)

4. It refers to a human under great stress because of snow (again, “don’t jump!”)

Yes, folks, it just may refer to all of the above. Save for No. 3. Here in North Texas we’re just hours away from our third snow event in eight days. I do believe that is a record for these parts. If not, it should be. On February 1st, we had about two inches of ice, an inch of sleet and an inch of snow. Last Friday we had three inches of snow. Tomorrow’s forecast is for another 3-5 inches. HELP!!!!!

And I was just recovering from a bad case of Cabin Fever. Oh well. This cold snap isn’t supposed to last as long.

I’ve been dreaming of Colorado for a long time now but this is crazy. Pretty. But crazy. Couldn’t I at least have some mountains and altitude?