Society on the Edge

Hide for your lives!

Snowpacalypse! Snowmageddon! Hide for your lives! We’re all going to be buried alive by sleet! Sleet? Yes, sleet! You sure? It’s gonna kill us! Really? Close the schools! Why the schools? Our children are our future! Aren’t the classrooms heated? But they might get frostbite! Inside heated classrooms? Yes! Isn’t sleet the lightest of the winter worries? No! What could be better than sleet? Anything but sleet! Isn’t sleet an ice pellet as small as a grain of sand? A grain of sand? There’s sand falling from the sky! Hide for your lives! HIDE!!!!!!!!!! Aren’t you overreacting just a little bit? How can you say that! We’re all going to die! How will mankind ever recover? Good grief.

Well, the great snowfall of February 9th turned out to be a light dusting of sleet. The roads are clear. It’s cold, to be sure, but panic is not called for. Tomorrow the sleet will start to melt with the winter sun and Friday it will all be gone. And the waking world can finally rest in peace.

Until the next snowicane threatens.

Stay warm and do not fear!