Will Humans Ruin This Earth?

Global Warming.

This morning I received my annual visit from the local Jehovah’s Witnesses. I was asleep when they knocked on my door, enjoying a Memorial Day sleep-in, so I threw on some better clothes and peered through the window. When I saw two men, well-dressed in gray, I knew they were Witnesses. Mormons wear white shirts. Witnesses wear gray. Or so it always seems. They apologized for waking me and said they would leave some literature on my door. I said “that’s fine,” they left, and I went back to sleep. I was hoping for something good so I could blog about it. Maybe a Watchtower magazine or brochure. Instead, they left a single sheet flyer with this headline: “Will Humans Ruin This Earth?” The line below it read: “You are warmly invited to come and listen to the answer.” It then gave details on a Sunday convention taking place in Fort Worth. The Witnesses have used this “destroy the planet” motif before — in fact, it seems to be a regular part of their evangelism. They usually point to global warming, oil spills, and violent immorality to show that we humans are ruining a perfectly good planet and that God wants to restore the planet to perfection.

A quick biblical answer to the question they pose is “No. Humans will not ruin this earth. God will.” You see, this place will be destroyed when He decides to build a new one. Revelation 21:1, 2 Peter 3:10-13 and Isaiah 65:17-25 all say there will be a new heavens and new earth. As for the old earth, in Genesis 3, God is the one who cursed the ground. He is the one allowing society to digress until He, as Judge, calls the earth to account for its iniquity. So God will ruin the old earth when He creates a new one. Peter says it will burn and melt by fire. Talk about global warming! Speaking of which, in the meantime are humans causing great environmental damage to the place? No doubt. Like a bad renter we’ve abused the place, knocking holes in the walls and staining the carpet. And those smoke odors? Dang hard to get rid of. That’s why I consider myself a “green” Christian, one that is trying his best to cause less damage to the planet. I believe it’s not only a matter of respect for our Creator but also response to His call to be the steward of the place (Gen 1:26-28).

Just a quick look at the Jehovah’s Witness faith: Originally called the “Russelites” after founder Charles T. Russell, the cult was officially started in 1872 in New York. Russell’s avid study of the Bible led him to believe that the churches and ministers of America were “tools of the devil” and he fed his followers a diet of end times theology and how “witnesses” were involved in bringing about Christ’s return. They refused to swear allegiance to any organization or entity other than God and, thus, are very isolated. The modern cult was organized by Judge Rutherford, a lawyer from Missouri, in 1916.

As for their theology, they hold to a modern blend of Arianism, which teaches that Jesus was not eternal, not equal with the Father, and did not dwell his entire life as fully God and fully man. According to a Watch Tower magazine I picked up, they hold that the “God spirit” came upon the perfect man Jesus at his baptism and left him at the cross. This belief was a foundation of Gnosticism, a first- and second-century heresy that plagued the church and produced many writings, including the Gospels of Judas and Thomas. It’s basic belief was that the material world is evil so Jesus could not have been fully divine and man at the same time, since man’s body is evil. He must have been all illusion or all spirit. The Apostle John fights this heresy in 1 John 1:1.

Simply put, Jehovah’s Witnesses are not Christians nor stand for orthodox (ancient, trusted) truth. They are a modern cult that opposes the person and work of Jesus Christ as revealed in Holy Scripture. Stay away from their teachings and hold onto what you know to be true.

— John