Pitter Patter, Plop Drop

Pitter Patter, Plop Drop
Hear the voice of the water
Catch it now, ‘fore it will stop
And leave us a desert again

Measurable rain! For only the second time in three months!

It rained hard last night at my house in North Texas. A region that normally sees 36.14 inches of rain each year has seen about 17 inches this one. By this time last year we had received 27 inches of rainfall. I’m getting thirsty just typing that! And half of this year’s total came in May alone. Over the past three-plus months, officially, this region has seen 1.71 inches of rain. I’ve seen less than that at my house. That type of precipitation is usually found in an arid or semi-arid climate. Good thing I watch survival shows.

Did you know that leaves contain water that, if enclosed in a plastic bottle, will seep out and collect in the bottom? Survivorman got about an inch of water out of a branch.

Interestingly, even though I got about an inch of rain at my house, DFW Airport, which is the official weather recording station for the region, only picked up 0.01 of rainfall. The airport is a mere four miles away. Funny, eh?

Did you know I was going to be a meteorologist when I left high school? Can you tell? I became a writer and poet instead.