A Bit of a Personal Brag

But not a personal brag about me. This is about my father, Ron, who is a consultant and expert on human behavior in the workplace. Through the past 17 years, he has helped major companies reduce employee turnover and improve communication between bosses and the workers they supervise. Oh, and he’s an author. No Jerks on the Job defines a common problem in the modern workplace — immature employees that are wrecking workplace harmony — and identifies several ways to combat this problem. It’s really a must-read for all small-to-major company bosses. Even pastors. This week Ron was featured on a local news station (DFW is the 4th largest media market in the US) talking about signs that an employee is approaching burnout, a very relevant topic that Men’s Journal magazine explored recently. I know I’ve been there. Have you?

As a former newsman myself, I know that out of a 30-minute interview, maybe 15 seconds can be used in a news story. And I know that my dad likes to talk (that’s where I get it from) and probably had a lot more to say. But I think he looks good in the clips reporter Daniel Novick chose. As always, very intelligent and authoritative. I’m proud of him.

Also interviewed is a great guy named Rex Saoit, a former member of Crossroads Bible who moved recently to a new job in Oklahoma after experiencing burnout. Rex is responsible for leading CBC’s popular Career Transition Workshop, where he and several other experts help job seekers in their search. Here’s the CW33 News story by Daniel Novick.

I couldn’t post the video directly, so click here to watch on CW33’s website.

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