A Little Monday Humor

This oldie but goodie comes courtesy of the late great Charles M. Schultz. I ran across it in my pictures folder the other day and got a good chuckle. So I’ll share.

This perfectly sums up my writing struggle. I love to write. I love to start articles. I have trouble ending them. I need a closer.

Example: late last week I started a blog entry on Psalm 8, a magnificent psalm covered recently in the Psalms class I’m taking. After three days of writing, I’m still not done. It just keeps going on and on. So expect that article soon. And by “soon,” I mean when I accidentally press “publish” instead of “draft”!

By the way, this simple comic also sums up a major part of the creative process. Finishing an artwork. So many artists will work on a painting or novel or song until it starts to dominate them. They just can’t ever consider it complete. There’s always something to mess with. I’ve found one thing that helps me at work is having deadlines. Does it add stress? Absolutely. Always more than I want. But I HAVE to finish a work, whether I’m happy with it or not. Usually I’m not. But that’s just me. Because of deadlines I have to finish the work and I usually don’t revisit it later. Once it’s done, it’s done. At home, however, I never seem to finish anything.

But this blog entry is now over. Good night!

One thought on “A Little Monday Humor

  1. Yep. This is me too. And this demmed George Herbert paper I’ve been trying to write for the past 2 months. But there is a deadline. I will have to present it. And it will end however it ends up ending. (“And he lived happily ever after till the end of his days.”)

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