A Deep Breath

Today (Saturday) was a long and tiring day for the CA Six. This morning started at the Vineyard Church in Mission Del Rey, with a teaching session taught by Hud McWilliams and featured personal interviews with CA staff. After the interviews, the CA Six retired to the house and went out for a burger and a beer. It was a great time of fellowship and reflection. This is a really marvelous crew. We’re different, to be sure, but the common bond of fellowship cannot be overestimated. We’ve been collectively thrown into the fire of fast learning, deep analysis and and even deeper questioning and that has worn us out, staff and candidates.

Tomorrow we all head home. I shall truly miss these folks. In the morning we find out what our status is with Christian Associates and then part ways. My prayer is that the Lord will work through the ministries of each person, regardless of whether or not they join CA.

I’m tired tonight, so no bible lesson. I read Mark 12:1-11, which is the triumphal entry. I’ve always been fascinated by the events that landed Jesus a donkey shuttle and what the people shouted as He rode. Jesus tells the disciples an exact situation, including a live animal, in another town and the disciples find everything exactly as Jesus had said. They start to “borrow” the colt and when caught by bystanders, they simply say the quick code for Zechariah 9 and are allowed to borrow the vehicle. Strange. But a cool strange. In a Jesus kinda way.

Thanks for your prayers my friends and family! I feel them, even out here on the West Coast. Here’s a picture of tonight’s weather.