Home and Away

As I sit at my computer tonight (make that, tomorrow), I’m feeling a bit buzzy. You know, that feeling you get when you sit down for the first time after a long and busy trip? Physical fatigue meets with mental processing meets with emotional strain? Yeah. THAT buzziness. I got home an hour ago from Love Field in Dallas, fresh off two Southwest Airlines flights from Los Angeles to home. I’m exhausted. Still, I have to go to work tomorrow and, somehow, be productive. Tough, eh?

This was quite a week/weekend for me. It was mentally, emotionally and physically straining. I think I did more walking during the five days of Engage than I had in six months. This morning I walked a good two miles while talking to my CA representative/assessor. I received my report from Christian Associates and it was great news. I’ve been invited to continue the process of coming on board with Christian Associates with the destination being Glasgow, Scotland. A Texan will be traveling abroad sometime soon. Hopefully, soon. I have to work out a lot of logistics, including fund raising, reviving a business, starting a new one, and continuing CA’s training process. It will be a busy season of life but, I pray, one that is very rewarding.

On the flights home I had the joy of taking a deep breath and looking out the window at the wonders of God we can’t quite fathom on earth (terra firma). Like the marine layer of fog beneath the airplane. Or a sunset seemingly parallel to the craft. I snapped a few pics on my iPhone and posted the best below.

Thanks again for your prayers for this weekend and, now, I ask you to pray that the Lord will bring to me the ministry partners I need to raise support, and for the clients I need to revive my production company (Creative Media) and start internet businesses to function under its wings.

Many thanks to all and may God have the glory!

— John