Where’s MY Limo?

From the department of “Good Heavens!” comes this story today about the travails of Dr. Robert Schuller and his Crystal Cathedral.


For those who don’t want to follow the link, here’s the gist of the story. Dr. Schuller’s wife, Arvella, is sick with pneumonia. From the story:

An email sent recently by Crystal Cathedral administrators said that Schuller and his wife, Arvella, “would appreciate meals over the next three to four weeks.” It added: “They are to be sent to the church in order to be transported to Arvella. The limo drivers could pick up the dinners or meet in the Tower Lobby around 4:30 p.m.”

Limo drivers? That’s what some in the congregation thought when they read the e-mail. Limo drivers are transporting food to Mrs. Schuller?

Here’s the biggest problem: the Carystal Cathedral filed for bankruptcy this year. Yet Robert Schuller and his family continue to use limousines and chauffeurs to move about town. A recent lawsuit “charged that the founder of the Crystal Cathedral house of worship, Rev. Robert Schuller, and his family had been paying themselves lavish salaries and other benefits while the church was in financial straits.”

So why the limo? Heck, why the food? Can’t they afford to buy food? This is what folks in the church are asking. The official church line is that the Schulers wanted to give their congregants an opportunity to provide Christian charity. Just bring food to the church and we’ll load it in the limo. Bob Canfield, a church member, said it best: “These are millionaires who have limos and chauffeurs,” he said. “Why in God’s name would they want the congregants to deliver meals? It’s ludicrous.”

Well said. I agree.