Saturday Musings

Scattershooting while shopping at Dollar Tree and wondering whatever happened to 99-cent stores…

  • ON FUNERALS — This may sound a little strange at first read but please bear with me: I get a spiritual high from being at the memorial services of believers. Strange, eh? Here’s why — A funeral or memorial for a Christian has a strong presence that other services don’t and it’s the presence of hope. It’s the knowledge that even in our intense sadness and grief, this death is not the end of this life. No, life goes on — even at death — for those who have put their faith in Jesus Christ. They are dancing in the streets of heaven — no more sickness, no more pain, no more sadness or despair. There is hope that the one we love is in the unveiled presence of God and that we who share their faith will be with them when we die. And so I actually walk away from memorials encouraged in my own faith. I’m sad with the families for the physical loss and yet stronger in my hope of the eternal. Another aspect of funerals that touches me is the time of sharing; a time when family, friends and associates share funny and often poignant glimpses into the life of the deceased. I think about my own life and what people will say about me one day. Have I made an impact? Will I make an impact? Will people remember the zany and funny moments more than the serious ones? Thinking of these questions also strengthens me and bolsters my resolve to live better heading into the future.
  • ON AWKWARD CONVERSATIONS — Have you ever had a conversation with someone that left you feeling, well, confused about how to feel? Maybe it was an anticipated chat that didn’t go the way you hoped it would and yet it didn’t end in disaster? I’ve had a few of those lately and they just leave me… confused. I badly want to dwell on the good things of the conversation and not the things that concerned me. But the concerning things keep nagging at me. Why can’t all conversations be peppy, happy, encouraging affairs? I think it has something to do with everyone’s personality. I like to keep things light in conversation — maybe even a bit punny. But not everyone converses in humor and easiness. Some people are thinker-types and they’re always serious. Or they just seem serious even when they’re not serious. You know what I mean? Other people converse in bullet points when you favor oratory. For example, I may have well-thought-out or researched reasons for a request but the person on the other end of the conversation doesn’t want to hear any more than the title. You want what? No. Doesn’t matter the reason. Just no. I gotta go. And they leave. Anyway, some conversations just leave a person… empty. I don’t like those.
  • ON BREVITY — I’m in the process of creating my very first “missionary” newsletter, what I hope will one day be a colorful exploration of life and faith. Reality is… I’ve spent the past two days working on the first page. Seems I can’t get past the lack of space for writing. Newsletters require brevity. I have the gift of keyboard gab. How can I convey my passion in two sentences????? This is most certainly an exercise in patience and skill. I need more exercise.

That’s all for today. Better get back to that newsletter.

A white cross stands guard outside a cemetery in Santa Rosa, New Mexico.

— John