On the Tip of My… What Was it Again?

Ever had something slip off the tip of your tongue? I assume that means you said something you probably didn’t intend but your brain maliciously let go.

Ever had something stuck on the tip of your tongue? You need to say something or you really want to say something but you just can’t find the right words.

Ever had a brain freeze? You know, where you think you need to think but hear nothing but chirping crickets? (do crickets chirp?)

Ever had all three things happen at once? Not fun, I say. Not fun. That kind of happened to me this morning, except it was more sequential than simultaneous. Something slipped off my tongue, then I couldn’t recover with the right words, and then my brain froze like an ice cube.

Isn’t communication grand?

As I grow older I’m finding that the quick wit that I once relied on in a pinch no longer flows so smoothly. I talk a lot but I’ve rarely been very good talking on my feet. I have an innate need to process things and formulate reasons before giving answers. This drives emotionally-based people mad. They want answers and they want it now. I want to say something but I can’t say it now. Frustration ensues. I’ve learned that this is just part of the communication process. We listen differently, we speak differently, and we react differently.

I guess tongue tips are just another part of being human.

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