Following the Steps of St. Patrick

My friend Bryon shared these insights from the book “The Celtic Way of Evangelism” by George Hunter III on Facebook yesterday and I found them fascinating.

5 essentials to spiritual health according to St. Patrick:

1. Voluntary times of solitude to focus on God.
2. Time spent with a spiritual mentor.
3. Time spent with a small group of fellow spiritual travelers.
4. Time with a spiritual community including meals, work, and study.
5. Through the previous four experience of the Triune God.

Adapted from “The Celtic Way of Evangelism” by George Hunter III

St. Patrick (AD 350-400) was the single greatest Christian influence on the British Isles, having personally invested himself in the evangelizing of Ireland and discipling of new converts. One convert that came up through Patrick’s monastic system was Columba, who worked to convert Scotland. Patrick is also credited with being the father of “Celtic Christianity,” a unique form of the faith that merged elements of early Catholicism with Celtic traditions and symbols. Evangelism was at the core, as was personal devotion, obedience to the spiritual leader of your community, and discipleship. It’s influence on Ireland and Scotland waned in the AD 1000-1100 period as the Vatican began to seize control of the outlying diocese and implement the standardization of Catholic liturgy and practice.