‘He Formed the Mountains…’

On Wednesday, as I drove to Alamogordo for my latest balance therapy session, I listened to one of my favorite albums of music, John Michael Talbot’s “Troubadour of the Great King.” It was recorded early in JMT’s post-secular career, 1981, when the teachings of his Franciscan order were fresh in his mind. I had an incredible worship experience in my truck during the 75-minute drive.

R-3364066-1327467408.jpegThe album of songs explores themes familiar to those who study St. Francis of Assisi, such as the role of God in Creation, the brotherhood of Creation, the importance of Christian virtue, and the need for personal dedication to God. On it, you will find an assortment of Scriptures, writings of Francis, and original lyrics by Talbot. The first half of the 16-song album deals exclusively with the praise of God the Creator. And the songs are magnificent!

One of them, “The Pleiades and Orion,” is straight praise. (Both stellar features are referred to in the Old Testament by their Hebrew names, which I find to be really cool.) In the song, Talbot sings of the Lord’s works in Creation and then brings the kicker in:

“He formed the mountains and created the winds;
Through His Spirit declares His thoughts to men.”

God created everything we see: the mountains, the winds, the stars of the heavens! And yet He chooses to have a relationship with people. And it is not a master-slave relation… He declares His thoughts to men. His thoughts! While we may not know nearly all of the thoughts of the Lord, He has, through His Spirit-inspired word, shared many of His thoughts with us. How cool!

Here’s the official music video of the song, created probably on Betamax back in the early 1980s. It’s slow-moving and Talbot, who is now in his 60’s, was very young then (as most of us were). So sit back and let the words of the song minister to your heart. And be sure to praise the Great Creator, who through the Holy Spirit declares His thoughts to men.